Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q. How long does it take to get records?
A. It depends. Authorization orders are the fastest way to obtain records. These are often available within a week or two. Turnaround time for subpoena orders can vary depending on the jurisdictional notice period and the willingness of any additional counsel to waive the notice period.

Q. I have a request that I need filled by the end of the week. Can you handle that?
A. We pride ourselves on getting records in as quickly as possible. If you send us an expedited or rush request, we will do everything in our power to get your records by the time you need them. Keep in mind that authorization orders are your best bet for getting in orders under extremely tight deadlines.

Q. What kind of records can you get for me?
A. We can get almost any kind of record imaginable. We regularly obtain medical, billing, radiological, pathological, employment, payroll, and insurance records but that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Q. Can you obtain government records such as IRS, Social Security, and Military records?
A. Yes, government records may be obtained using the agency's particular signed authorization form. Government agencies certify their records using their letter of certification.

Q. Can I get blank authorization forms from you?
A. Absolutely. We have a standard HIPAA-compliant authorization form as well as many of the special forms some facilities require. We will happily send these to you upon request so that you may have them signed.

Q. How many people will I have to deal with regarding my order?
A. One. You will have a specific Case Manager trained to handle all of your requests based on your individual specifications. You are always welcome, however, to speak with any member of management regarding your orders.

Q. How often will you update me on the status of my order?
A. As often as you like. Just let us know when and how you prefer to be updated and we'll take care of it. Also keep in mind that your status update is available 24 hours a day via our website.

Q. Will you provide all of the documents required to issue my request?
A. Yes. We can draft all legal papers in any form you wish so that you don't have to.

Q. Do I have to use your legal papers and forms?
A. Absolutely not. If you prefer to draft your own forms and documents, send them over and we will issue them for you.

Q. Will you advance any required payments to custodians of records?
A. Yes, up to your predetermined limit. As soon as we learn that the cost of records will exceed your fee limit, we will alert you and let you decide if you want to continue with the order, cancel the order, or modify the order to limit the scope of the records.

Q. Will you index and organize my records any way I wish?
A. Of course. Just let us know how you prefer your records and we are more than happy to accommodate you.

Q. Are my records available in electronic format?
A. Yes. We can provide your records in electronic, paper, or both. The decision is yours.

Q. How much do you charge to get records?
A. It depends on what you need and what format you prefer. Call any of our sales representatives to request a personalized price quote.

Q. I need to schedule an oral deposition. Can you take care of that for me?
A. Our court reporting department will be more than happy to handle that for you. We can set up depositions nationwide.